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The Olympics debut of the Skateboarding competition is now history with the completion of metals earlier today July 26th. Monday there was the men competition with the gold metal awarded to Yuto Homigome, and Tuesday produced a Gold metal and a history making debut for the 13 year old Momiji Nishiya. This is just the beginning and I am so glad to see this sport getting what it deserves. There are so many talented skaters out there and many games will be played around the world. I started this campaign in January ,2021. The Pandemic was a big threat to not having any Summer Games. I will be praying and looking for more metals to come to the USA since this is my home. The Bronze was awarded to the USA in the first ever skateboarding programs which of course I am well pleased. Member of the board is celebrating with a new product line "MOBGIRL" we can do anything....... Please go to the site and order this limited item and give them your daughters and their friends. I have two daughters and I am doing everything I can give them confidence needed to go for their dreams. I find the non-quitting mentality of skateboarding one of those challenges that promotes tenacity and the power to get up go for it. This is the philosophy of member of the board more than a product more than a brand. Please check in to help us have our own Skateboarding Day for New Jersey sponsored by to you all DrCal