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About Member of the Board

More Than Just a Product or Brand


Member of the Board is a brand and product of Lyfe Production, a multimedia services company. M.O.B. was not created just to provide a unique set of products, but also to support the skateboarding community.

We will partner with and support different organizations such as the Tony Hawk foundation, and other local organizations that encourage young men and women in a positive way to to achieve their goals and their personal best.

Are you a "member of the board" ?

We understand that skateboarding, snowboarding, longboarding,etc. are sports that require discipline, mental focus, diligence and determination. That means not giving up if you miss the mark the first time. Most boarders also realize that staying mentally and physically fit is essential to achieve their goals. Moreover, these discipline principles can also be applied in other areas of life such as education, career goals, relationships, etc. These are skills that help young men and women become viable people in their community. That’s the benefit of being a "member of the board".


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