"The Lady of Peace"

Lady of Peace

Pray for the Nations

It was the early 80's when I was inspired to created this image I wanted to make a statement without words that showed a person in a spiritual state that when anyone looks at it they will see one who is focused and yet very aware of the surroundings. The New Year is 2021 after a few years of protest and racism and division I wanted to share this image to encourage as many as I can to join me in a quest and plead for the return to what made America the place the entire world looked to for Freedom where the very currency we use boldly states "In God We Trust" . So I am asking my human family out there to join in 2021 in

"Pray for the Nations" this is the caption at the bottom of the newly designed "T" shirts created by

Lyfeproduction Multi-Media LLC. by the hand of


Calvin(DrCal)Hogue CEO and the brands under this company.

Musicians for Biodiversity/           Member of the board/   

"The DrCal Hour of Insight"

All you need to do is go to any of the brand sites and each will have a page with the "Lady of Peace" and how to purchase the shirts and help drown of the hate and release the power of love we know how to generate. Prayer is always about the future and I am ready for a brighter one. America is not perfect but there is a God who is. Love never fails. Enough of the division time for real results and it is clear all the talking  isn't working because of the cloud of constantly fed negativity every where you look and

hear. I am looking for a few who are not afraid to take a stand and say they still believe in prayer and what our money prints is still true when our founding fathers agreed to place "In God We trust" on it.  Let us in one voice start be saying "God bless America." the rest of the world we follow our lead. Don't waste another day on the hate and let love rule again.






















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